Toronto, ON


Bread & Butter

Forno Cultura Sour Dough + Orange Blossom Butter

Pan Tomato

Crispy Bread +Crushed Fresh Tomato + Cheese

Warm Olives

Olives + Citrus + Aromatic Herbs

Hand-cut Fries

Golden Yukon Potatoes + House Ketchup

Shishito Peppers

Lime Dressing

Black Truffle Chips

Dill Dip

Brussel Sprouts

Caramelized Onions + Black Dressing

Daily Cheese

Rotating Selection [4oz]

Jamon & Cantaloupe

18 Months Aged Jamon Serrano

Spicy Chorizo

Apricots + Cider Reduction

Late Night Croissant

Jamon + Cheese + Mustard + Pickles

Last Update

February 2020

Please be advised that our menu change really often in base of the season and market availability

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