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             icardo Rueda was born in Mexico City and began his culinary journey   at a young age by helping out with the family catering business. Ricardo enrolled in a Mexican culinary institute, and immediately began working in the industry by practicing in some of the best and world renowned restaurants throughout the city. He began interning in Mexico City, Baja California and Oaxaca, learning a variety of skills involving working in fine dining, mass production, patisseries and bakeries. During the three year culinary program, Ricardo had the opportunity to do a co-op at a Michelin Star restaurant in either Italy, France or Spain. Instead of choosing from those options, Ricardo chose to go to Toronto, Canada to further his culinary expeditions. Immediately, Ricardo fell in love with the city, and enjoyed the adventures of being on his own, and the Toronto city lifestyle. He began working and managing a few different restaurants in downtown Toronto including Spanish tapas bars, Persian and BBQ restaurants using his experience from back home. Ricardo applied the culinary techniques and knowledge he had learned from his family, home town and journeys throughout Toronto’s culinary scene to help in the creation of his very ownconcept, “Carlotta” named after his mother’s name. Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, and nestled in The Beverley Hotel, Carlotta Group is in charge of the Beverley food and beverage program and outlets such as Lobby Boy, Beverley Rooftop and Dinnerlicious.

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